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The GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network

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About The GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network

The mission of the The GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network is a collaborative effort of local health, wellness, and fitness facilities with a common focus of empowering individuals and families to take control of their wellness. Through fitness and nutrition education participants learn how to customize their wellness plans with the guidance of a nationally certified wellness coach. Participants track, measure and certify their results using an integrated web based portal to realize the benefits of a sustained healthy lifestyle.

This has been in development for over 4 years as a national provider. This is currently comprised of over 20 health & fitness facilities nationally:

Our Facilities

Programs offered by the GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network includes:

  • HealthyCARE 90 Day Program
  • HealthyCARE Semi Annual & Annual Wellness Assessments

Provider of Lifestyle Preventative Care

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