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About The GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network

The GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network is both a local and virtual community and corporate wellness solution. Our mission is to enable individuals and families to early detect and reduce/eliminate elevated or chronic health risk factors through lifestyle change. We do this by allowing each participant to search, enroll, and engage with a local facility or with virtual fitness trainers, health/wellness coaches, registered dietitians and nurse practitioners for 1-on-1 and group programming. We focus on empowering, educating, and motivating each participant to achieve sustained lifestyle change. We offer four protocols for success: frictionless ENROLLMENT, proper ASSESSMENT, program and 1-on-1 INTERVENTION, and MAINTENANCE programs locally and virtually. We do not promote expensive meal replacements, fitness products, or costly equipment. We measure our success based on our pre and post client intervention outcomes as well as the success of our facilities, coaches and practitioners. We achieve long term success through education and modification in behavior, nutrition, and proper exercises with mindfulness and stress management. Participants enroll and engage with their team remotely using the HealthyCARE® web app or at their participating community fitness, wellness, or healthcare facility. The participants’ primary care office can refer or they can take the HealthyCARE® assessment at any certified location to qualify for both 1-on-1 or group intervention services. The network offers multiple programs, and participants can work 1-on-1 or in a larger likeminded group led by a certified health coach or practitioner for face-to-face or video conferencing. Each participant captures, tracks, measures, and customizes their individualized plan in conjunction with their team using the HealthyCARE® web app when at home or work, and when traveling and socializing. The web app allows each client to work with their team 24/7 for analyzing and managing their progress and communicating with their team when needed using the participant’s choice for communication. The HealthyCARE® Network is expanding to include more facilities, practitioners, coaches, providers, and employers to join the HealthyCARE movement. We look forward to hearing from you soon at info@genavix.com

Our Facilities

Programs offered by the GENAVIX HealthyCARE® Network includes:

  • HealthyCARE 90 Day Program
  • HealthyCARE Semi Annual & Annual Wellness Assessments

Provider of Lifestyle Preventative Care

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